Train a healthcare worker

In countries like Zimbabwe, government resources are stretched and hospitals are scarce. Your contribution helps save children by building or renovating a local health clinic and equipping a dedicated healthcare worker with the skills to treat communities.

Wild4life works tirelessly to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, with a special focus on the children and mothers who are impacted. Currently, we are highlighting our efforts to stop the spread of HIV from mothers to children in Zimbabwe.

Your gift will help infected moms gain access to care that can prolong their lives and protect their children from HIV. Specifically, you'll help provide:

  • HIV testing and medical care
  • Prenatal and postnatal care
  • Counseling for HIV-positive mothers
  • Support for local clinics specializing in the prevention of mother-to-child
  • transmission of HIV
  • Promotion of good nutrition
  • HIV-awareness programs

With your help, we can provide essential care to mothers and babies to stop the spread of HIV to the next generation in Zimbabwe.

Health Services Where They're Needed Most

Every day around the world, thousands of children die from preventable diseases and illnesses. Without access to even basic services and skilled health professionals, there will be no hope for improving and saving their lives.

Your gift of $200 would provide access to basic healthcare in a remote part of Zimbabwe where it’s needed most. This small contribution could have a big impact in saving a life.

Health Clinic

In countries struggling with extreme poverty, local governments are the only way most communities will received healthcare. Government resources are stretched and hospitals are scarce or prohibitively far away from people who need them most. Your gift helps by renovating a local health clinic to have the infrastructure and supporting systems to save and improve lives.