Wild4Life Health’s goal is to provide high-quality healthcare to people, regardless of how far they live from health services.
We have a proven model that engages with communities at all levels and addresses the “basic building blocks” in a health system so that services can be sustained over time.
From 2014 to 2015, we saw the following results at the Wild4Life Health clinics

Access to Care

When clinics and supporting systems are working as they should, and people trust that the system works, they flock to facilities. As a result, cases are identified faster and more people get the treatment they need.

  • The number of new visits to outpatient facilities increased by 332%
  • 97% of all births delivered by skilled birth attendants in a facility
  • Children < 5 recieving post-natal care increased by 311%
  • 97% increase in people tested for HIV with a 560% increase in children tested*

Quality of Care

Training and mentoring community healthcare workers — facility-based primary health nurses and village health workers — builds the skills and confidence to accurately diagnose and treat patients, resulting in quality care. Better diagnosis and treatment translates into fewer repeat visits for the same symptoms, lessening the burden on the health system.

  • 80% increase in proportion of pregnant women receiving early pre­natal care*
  • Proportion of repeat visits to new visits decreased by 50%
  • HIV patients waiting for treatment: 0
  • with patients lost to follow-up of 1%

Array of Services

Once a health system is functioning optimally, you can build on more programs to address more health conditions so that basic conditions like childhood diarrhea and pneumonia are treated more effectively.

  • The number of children < 5 treated properly for pneumonia increased 60%
  • The number of children < 5 treated properly for diarrhea increased 23%
  • HIV-positive patients screened for TB increased by 560%
  • Patients screened for malaria increased by 249%*

* Results seen between 2013 and 2015, vs. 2014 and 2015