Our Solution

The Problem

In Africa, governments want to provide the rural poor with access to high-quality healthcare. With limited resources, they are unable to address the breadth of community health issues: maternal and child health, reproductive health, HIV, malaria and TB. As a result, people often suffer or die from perfectly preventable diseases and conditions.

Take A Deeper Look
Our Method

Wild4Life Health focuses on establishing the basic building blocks of a health system. Only then — when the the system is high-functioning — can health programs have a lasting effect on community health. Working closely with the government, we identify and fill the gaps in local health systems. The result is an efficient and resilient health system for those who need it the most.

Our Approach

We deliver better health outcomes for less money by identifying and coordinating low-cost interventions with high return on investment. We almost always have to do the following three things.

  • Train Health Workers

    Frontline health workers are the backbone of the rural health system in African countries. We ensure they are equipped to deliver high-quality care with the ability to treat all conditions in their communities.

  • Increase Use of Services

    Once people trust the system works, demand for services increases, cases are identified faster, and people get the treatment they need. We bring people into the system through education and outreach programs.

  • Make Clinics Functional

    Functional clinics are the foundation for delivering effective healthcare in rural areas. We identify the parts of the system that are missing or broken and fix them, ranging from renovations to lab diagnostic systems.